Thursday, June 26, 2008


Tucked away in the far northeast, wedged between the borders of Bhutan, Burma and Tibet, Arunachal Pradesh is India's newest and least-known state. Prior to attaining statehood in 1986, Arunachal Pradesh was known as the North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA). Aside from a few forays by administrators and anthropologists, the area remained largely ignored by India's British rulers, and its isolation was legally safeguarded by India's own government - and before laws permitting limited tourism were passed in 1995, even Indian citizens requires Inner Line Permits.

For the first proper sense of Arunachal Pradesh's remove from the rest of India, and the rest of the world, it is necessary to travel seven hours by road from Itanagar to the hill station of Ziro or from Tezpur to Ziro or from Bomdila to Tawang..The drive itself is an adventure, inching steadily upwards along palm-sweating treacherous roads cut out of the sides of richly forested hills.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dhon : WEED N BLUES...After Dusk....

Meet Dhon aka Lubdhak an "underground" blues guitarist. underground in the sense that Dhon hates all kind of shows or gigs. He plays d instrument only for himself and his love for blues music. Since the last 12 years,Dhon has been living a Nocturnal life,sleepng the whole day and playing Blues throughout the night... I think Dhon is the Most Talented Nocturnal creature of Jorhat..
I just love jamming with him in his lair....and i think you guys will like it too....i mean an hour or two with him....(P.S :- He really hates compromising with the quality of the stuff he smokes)...

Assam : Green Green Grass...............

Assam: The State of Assam, the tea capital of the world...also known as the land of magic practices,sorcery and pagan beliefs...
Touring Districts include : Jorhat,Kamrup,Sivsagar.


We are,at first introducing a 7 day tour of the mystic North East,which includes the states of
Aruanachal Pradesh.

We try to adopt a very alternative and out of this world approach for our tours. Rather then concentrating on the typical mainstream spots n sites,we adopt a radically different and out of this world schedule for our visitors..Shady nooks and corners, forgotten times and mystical experiences are part of the schedule.

Mission Statement.. dedicated to mystify you..

We'll take you to an out-of-this-world, magical tour through the mystical North East India.
A trip totally different from the run of the mill, typical, commercial, tourist experience.
There are lots of tour programmes already doing this. But sadly, we feel these standard trips don't do justice to the mystery and enchantment of the ACTUAL North East magic:

Say, you might have heard or tasted of the world famous Assam Tea, but... ever dreamt of staying a night in one of those colonial, haunting Bungalows which the British Tea planters actually use to live in..!!

Then again, you might have heard of the exotic colourful tribes of the mystical North East, but.. ever dreamt of a night in one of these villages.. staying in a "chaang ghor", diving into freshly brewed rice beer, tasting their exotic wild dishes.. right there.. in their virginal environment.....amidst the hypnotic resonance of tribal drums ! Sounds GOOD?

If you are ready for a out of this world spaced out time.. so are we!
Contact us for a slice of enchantment....

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